Saving Yourself Money and Stress While Having Your Auto Shipped

By: T Kearns

When you are a college or university (under)graduate, just learning to live with your young spouse in that inauspicious space which is the fate of many independent and hardworking students to call their home until they get that big break moving to another place may be a fairly easy task. You will be surprised how many bundles and collapsible furniture can fit into your parents car: very likely you will require no more than a single trip.

But now, you have a family, a bunch of furniture, big screen TV, and two cars. And, you or your spouse just got a promotion and you need to relocate all of this to your new city, which may be a considerable distance. Your first thought, is to do what you have always done; pack up your car(s) and drive off to your destination. This will require you to drive probably two cars with a U Haul some distance with all the associated fuel costs, maintenance costs, screaming children and all the stress and strain, let alone the cost this type of moving plan entails.

You have certainly heard of moving vans, but It is quite possible that you have never heard of the fact that you can save time, labor, and money by shipping rather than driving that car(s). There are many companies that will perform this service for you. You may not be aware of them simply because auto shipping is not a glamorous business, albeit, a most convenient one. You probably turn first to your sense of self reliance to get any job done, but this is a good situation to rethink that concept. You also may think that hiring any service is more expensive than doing the job yourself. Again, think this one over too. Auto shipping is likely to cost you less than the cost of fueling and maintaining that car(s) for long distances. It will certainly cost you less aggravation, energy and effort.

While the auto shipping carrier is getting your car to its new home, you and your family could be leisurely taking advantage of public transportation to get you to your new neighborhood. Once at your destination, you have the time and energy to do your unpacking and start settling into your brand new home. This will have saved you time by hiring the auto shipping out and also saved you money in at least one way you can start your new job earlier and be bright eyed and bushy tailed from your very first day.

Just the health benefits of avoiding the emotional and physical stress caused by moving everything yourself can be worth the cost of the auto transport service. The likelihood however is that it really did cost you significantly less than if you had paid for the fuel and maintenance to drive yourself to your destination. The larger the family and the longer the distance, the more savings you will see. Should a relocation ever occur to you and your family, do not forget that there are companies that perform this very valuable service.

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