What Vehicle is Right For You?

By: Tom Tessin

When looking to purchase a car, you may not know what type you want. If this sounds like you, here s a low down on a few of the car types on the market today.


Sedans are obviously the most bought, and most of the time the cheapest option. Sedans are great for families, considering you buy one with high safety ratings such as the VOLVO brand. Sedans have greatly improved in safety over time, and more than ever now. Most sedans made by car manufacturers today have steel beams surrounding the entire car, not just on the sides! Also, most sedans get the BEST GAS MILEAGE! If you want to get the most for your buck, then the sedan will be right for you but if you getting a V6 Ford Mustang, then that would be a different story!


Minivans seem to be the typical I m a soccer mom vehicle. Minivans have also improved in safety and they have lots of interior utility as long as you re not off roads. Most minivans are going out of style and models are starting to fade out, particularly because of the rise of the crossover which I will talk about later.

Minivans can be considered to be a bit more upscale than sedans but not necessarily. Minivans are pretty much just minibuses, but much more convenient and sometimes stylish!


If you consider yourself to be butch and more tough than your next door neighbor, then a truck will probably be right for you! Trucks are great for moving things no matter the condition. In the United States, Ford and Chevrolet have the biggest competition amongst truck sales. Trucks are wonderful off road and later models are becoming much stronger and more fuel efficient. If you like to have that aggressive body style while driving on the road, then you will love to have a truck. Once you get custom installments you will appear to be a fierce fighting machine!

Sport Utility Vehicles

SUV s seem to be the new minivans. They look just like a minivan but they are raised higher and have a bigger front panel and engine. SUV s are stylish and can be custom made to resemble today s hip hop and urban lifestyle. SUV s are much more luxurious now from when they were first released with the Ford Explorer. If you re a dad with a truck, but you are going to have a baby soon, it wouldn t be a bad idea to trade your truck in for an SUV! Remember, most brands such as Ford, Chevrolet, and Nissan, produce SUV s that use the body style of their base truck! Just like the name, if you want utility thats sportier than a minivan, then go for an SUV!


More and more crossover models are being developed every year. It all started when Nissan released the Nissan Murano. Once car companies saw how unique the body style was they began to make their own versions. If you compare the Mazda CX 7 and Nissan Murano, you will see the have many similarities!

Just like the name says, crossovers are pretty much a cross between an SUV and a car. It has a wideer back.

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